Shipping Policies

Please read: Our goal is to provide you the widest selection of Needle Art goods, not the fastest shipping in the World.

Most of our products are unique, need to be ordered and we make every effort to order them for you as soon as we received your order. If you need fast service, please do place your order somewhere else. I have a lot of unique hancrafted stuff to offer and yes it takes time to put it all together. The charts are not 'just printed paper'. I respect my Designers and their copy rights and sell their original printed versions. Currently I discovered the whole new world of porcelain dolls and they are hand crafted too, each and every of them. So please decide whether you want your order fast or you really like crafting and want your order to be complete.

We are checking email often during the day so we are always keep in touch with our Customers. Whether you have a question about shipping, order or just want to ask a question- you are always welcome! We like to talk to our customers, not just pay-ship procedure. Sometimes your email could go in spam and I am unable to read it. Please, resend your question, it very important.

Most of our orders ship in a week-week and a half OR two weeks, so you'll get your goodies in about 2-2.5 weeks (US). Please take a look at special message for Hand dyed Fabrics and threads below.

If anything happend (like out of stock merchandise or the supplier expects their shipment next month- we will let you know about that). 

Thank you very much for choosing us!


Important information about PayPal transactions: We ship to CONFIRMED adresses only! 


Approximate shipping time for hand dyed threads

Weeks Dye Works: couple days-2 weeks

Gentle Arts: 2-3 weeks

Gloriana threads: 3-4 months

Thread Gatherer: about 2-3 weeks

H.a.n.d. Dyed Fabrics by:

Polstitches- couple weeks-couple months, usually weeks :)

Fabrics by Stephanie and Picture This Plus: 3.5-4 weeks

Weeks Dye Works Fabrics: couple weeks-up to 2 months

We also offering materials for Chatelaine's mandalas in different variations (chart, chart+ beads, threads, etc) BUT if you choose the full complete kit, it will take about 3-4 months since almost all mandalas have Gloriana threads on the list. Please have this in mind when you are placing an order. 



NYC residents- we offer FREE delivery in NYC (but you still need to pay TAX for goods). Save your money!

Flat rate shipping for All US states is 9.00$, Flat rate shipping for All other countries (kits, charts, light accessories) is 25$ and 50$ for heavy orders (more than 4 pounds (2 kg)

Canadian orders- 15$

小袩袝笑袠袗袥褜袧袨袝 袩袪袝袛袥袨袞袝袧袠袝 袛袥携 袟袗袣袗袟袨袙 袪袨小小袠袠:

1. 9$ 袛袨小孝袗袙袣袗 袛袨 小袣袥袗袛袨袙 袙袗楔袝袚袨 袩袨小蝎袥袨效袧袨袚袨 袗袚袝袧孝袗 (楔袠袩袠孝袨, 袘袨袣小袘袝袪袠 袠 袛袪校袚袠啸)
2. 袘袝小袩袥袗孝袧袗携 袛袨小孝袗袙袣袗 袛袨 小袣袥袗袛袗
3. 袗 孝袗袣袞袝 袨孝袩袪袗袙袥袝袧袠袝 袩袨小蝎袥袨效袧蝎袦 小袝袪袙袠小袨袦 袙袗楔袠啸 袟袗袣袗袟袨袙 袦袨袪袝袦 袠 袗袙袠袗 效袝袪袝袟

小袩袝笑袠袗袥褜袧袨袝 袩袪袝袛袥袨袞袝袧袠袝 袛袥携 袟袗袣袗袟袨袙 校袣袪袗袠袧蝎:

1. 9$ 袛袨小孝袗袙袣袗 袛袨 小袣袥袗袛袗 袧袨袙袨袡 袩袨效孝蝎 袙 楔孝袗孝袝 袧褜挟-袛袞袝袪小袠
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