Cross-stitching is very old type of embroidery. Although it really flourished in folk art designs where geometric and floral patterns were used to embellish household items. Today it is one of the most popular forms of embroidery, mainly because it has so many designs today and very easy to learn. There are two kinds of cross-stitching: counted cross-stitch and stamped cross-stitch. Counted cross stitch is worked on unprinted even-weave fabrics, with Aida and linen. Generally using cotton embroidery floss, the stitcher forms X’s by taking the needle and floss through the holes woven into the fabric. Fabric could have different colors and hole sizes.

Stamped cross stitch is similar to counted cross stitch in that X’s are already formed on the fabric. However, in stamped cross stitch, the X’s are printed on a tightly woven fabric and the stitcher forms the stitches by working over the printed X’s. Stamped cross-stitch is also popular but mostly in tablecloths, pillow-cases, baby bibs.