Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrt
Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrt
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Creature comforts is a delightful collection of fashion and nursery accents for babies and tots. Stitch up any one of 65 styles featured in the collection or create your own! Each design is accompanied by full-color photography and easy-to-follow instructions. Whether you are a novice or experienced knitter, Creature Comforts offers a timeless collection of knits that are fun to make and...more fun to wear!

The book has 4 different collections:

"Pastel perfection" (sweet pastel colors)

"Big on brights" (funky bright colors)

"Neutral zone" (beige, grey, white colors)

"In the deep" (deep rich colors teamed with light-hearted motifs)

The publisher: Sixth & Spring Books,2005 (144 pages)

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