Welcome to the wonderful counted canvas! Yes, it is different from your regular cross stitch. It comes with different textures and sparkles, needlepoint stitches and other cool features you are looking for. As an avid cross stitcher, I realized one day, that I am looking for something new, more intensive to look at, to work with and it should not be super big but fun and not ordinary instead. I will add lots of designs to this department but please ask me if you are still looking for something else. Please note that I have almost all charts in stock but not threads/embellishments all the time. So that designs will require some work for me to put everything together for YOU. I try to stay close to the Designer's recommendations but sometimes some threads are discontinued and I will try to make a similar color and texture. Thank you for choosing lovely designs! And congratulations you decided to try something new. 

$20.00Out of Stock
Laura J. Perin Holiday wreath
$18.00Out of Stock
Laura J. Perin Pumpkin Patch
$18.00Out of Stock
Laura Perin Springtime Kimono
$14.00Out of Stock

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